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This Page is dedicated to the "Do It Yourself" tile installer.

      ReTile appreciates there are many people willing and capable of learning how to install tile flooring themselves. We hope to be of assistance to you during your project! Feel free to call us with your questions! We can especially be of assistance if you are installing new flooring tile in Chandler Arizona. If our schedule permits we may also be in the position to visit your job site and go over your questions and potential problems with you.

      A few "Do It Youself" homeowners don't like to tackle the removal of tile and carpet because of the expensive and specialized tools needed to do it right. If you are someone who doesn't want to do tile demo or floor prep don't hesitate to call us, we even have tools and techniques to aid with extremely clean tile removal (Please watch the video, you will be amazed) and we will keep your home clean during your tile removal.

Please keep us in mind if the tile installation becomes too much for you to handle, we always offer free estimates.

While the tile installation tutorials are being made please check in over at The Ceramic Tile Advice Forums.

  • How to measure a room for tile?
  • Where to purchase tile from?
  • Supplies needed for tile installation.
  • Setting your new floor tile.
  • Grouting your new tile installation.
  • Removing grout haze from tile flooring.
  • Always "no hassle" free estimates! 602-363-6414

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